Living Small and Budgeting

Many of us have felt this shift, or more so a call – a voice calling us that there’s more to everyday life. No, not more material items or more “experiences” and vacations, but more to life than what our modern world provides. 2020 brought many difficult times, but the blessings are more numeral than we would’ve expected. Everything looks different in hind-sight. So, this is my year dedicated to living small. My definition of small is not getting rid of everything, but removing the things I do not need. I will also refrain from purchasing unnecessary items. What is the point of purging every year and attempting a life of simplicity if we constantly purchase more unnecessary items?

Need vs. Want – This is the old theme – do I need it or want it? When purchasing, we need to ask ourselves if this item will make us happy in the moment or if our family can truly benefit from it taking up space in our home? You may need new oven mittens – yes, that will benefit your family as the old ones have holes. But does that new pair of black heels deserve room in your closet with the other 4 pairs of black heels already there?

Budgeting – Not everyone prefers to live on a strict budget. If you don’t prefer to budget every dollar, than strive to spend a bit less each month in different areas. This means that you need to have a general idea of what you spend each month in clothing, food, household items, and extras. Keep track of your purchases for one month. Then, during the next month, pick one category to slightly decrease monetary expenditures.

Shopping Local – We all see the benefit to our community of shopping local, but are we willing to put in the amount of inconvenience it entails compared to online monthly subscription sites that have it sent to our door in 1-2 days. People complain about the cost of shopping local and lack of items, but only 10 years ago we weren’t so dependent on monthly packages being dropped at our doorstep. It may cost a bit more to shop local, but if we find ways to cut back in unnecessary items it provides us with the ability to purchase from local, USA made producers and forces us to monitor our purchases. Are we living simple or just dreaming about it?

Food – This is usually the largest ticket item in our monthly budget. Why shouldn’t it be if we are truly trying to put wholesome food into our bodies? Would you rather have a trip to Disney and then eat potato chips and candy the rest of the month? Don’t answer that. 🙂 We need to change our mindset. Good food is truly worth the prices and there are ways to find organic, non-antibiotic foods that won’t break the bank. Azure Standard and Frontier are two sources for bulk products (not all bulk quantities). Eating good food also provides the necessary energy to our bodies. Junk food will not fill us up or give us the necessary nutrients compared to eating protein and vegetables. These healthy foods do not have to be boring. Follow along on my Instagram page as I show daily dishes and how to cook them.

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