Seedlings, Spring, and Heating Pads

There’s something very uplifting about planting seeds. Even though it’s only the beginning of March, with still potentially freezing temps in Wisconsin, we have reached a new season. A season of growth and new life. It’s time to plant seeds! Onions are usually our first seeds to plant, but this year we made a big change. We purchased heat pads for our seedlings and they are a game changer! These onions, which include 4 different varieties, have sprouted in less than 7 days! (seeds were purchased from Azure Standard and Siskiyou Seeds)

Half of our onion seedlings – @homegrownliving

Onions seeds, depending on the climate, can sometimes be different to grow from seeds and to be on the safe side, people purchase starts. But I always like a good challenge. This year, we are trying them from seeds, but with heating pads and so far, so good. If you’re on the fence with heating pads, don’t hesitate any longer. I’m including a link to the heating pads we purchased, if you’re interested to take the gardening plunge.

Burpee Premium Seedling Mat (LOVE!)

@dmheckenkamp Homegrown Living

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