Small Successes of 2020 – “What the 2020?!?”

It has been a year! A year since the shutdowns of 2020 and I am grateful. Interesting combo, right? Well, I didn’t realize how grateful I was for the past year, until I read a blog post by a person who wrote their “2020 Eulogy”. At first it was entertaining, then I realized how sad it truly was. Their eulogy embraced a lost year of their life – the year 2020. That caused me to reflect… Did I also lose a year of my life? My choleric temperament was desperately hoping that was not the case. (I can’t handle wasting a second, which is not always the best trait either…)

So, I made a list of 2020 small successes. These things, even though small, got our family and others through 2020. Looking back, the year of “what the 2020?!?”, was much more than shutdowns and lost time. It’s a year that brought growth. We had a choice and many of us had no idea that we were making one. So, we embraced our stationary lifestyle to grow.

Here are 20 Small Successes of 2020 (these are not all personal, but are compiled from friends and family).

  • Became a expert at sourdough bread (thanks to the lack of yeast)
  • Remodeled their kitchen by learning several tips from YouTube videos
  • Expanded their home garden
  • Began canning and preserving their own food
  • Delivered a baby in this crazy medical world (actually several friends had babies in 2020 – including myself)
  • Learned to like, not love, cleaning toilets
  • Started homeschooling
  • Learned that some years are better for retiring than others
  • Began supporting local farms
  • Decided to finish a basement, even with the high lumber prices
  • Began following the Liturgical Calendar
  • Learned to love weeding
  • Purchased all Christmas gifts from small or local companies
  • Became their children’s piano teacher (zoom lessons just weren’t cutting it)
  • Took a fantastic adult literature class with Joseph Pearce, via zoom, through Homeschool Connections (Brideshead Revisited is the best and even better a second time!)
  • Taught their Kindergartener how to read (small steps = big results)
  • Began to cook 85% of their family’s foods from scratch and loved it! (They are still going strong.)
  • They made bread before it was popular, but in 2020 they grew their bread repertoire even more
  • Re-watched the Andy Griffith seasons, because Mayberry during 2020 was the best escape
  • Grew spiritually closer to God and their family during those long days

So, congratulations to all those who had small successes in 2020! It was a memorable year, but I’m so grateful I can write about growth and not a eulogy!

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