Grow Your Own Food: A Thanksgiving Breakdown

I’ve received some questions asking what I purchase for our Thanksgiving meal opposed to what I don’t need to purchase because we grow a lot of our food. I’m breaking it down for you all – homegrown foods versus what is purchased either from a store or from a local farmer.

Homegrown Items

Sweet Potatoes






Green Beans


Herbs: Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Cilantro, Basil


Purchased Items

Cream and Butter from a local grocery store – we only purchase cream without carrcinogens – you will have to read ingredients to know if they are added or not. These are added to whipping creams to make them thicker, but there are extreme health concerns with them. (I add cream to mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cream for pies, etc.) We would love to have our own cow someday – when we have more land.

Turkey purchased from a local farm “Organic Grassways”.

Flour/yeast/salt – purchased from “Azure Standard” (these will be used for making dinner rolls and also dried bread crumbs for the stuffing – Portuguese Stuffing is our favorite!)

Eggs – purchased from a local farm (the chickens aren’t producing right now)

These are the basic foods for our Thanksgiving meal. A few family members also bring jello, green bean casserole, and some drinks. I wanted a basic and simple breakdown to give you all an idea of what can be grown with even a small garden at home. I would estimate that we have save over $150 on growing some of the food ourselves (this is taking into account portion size, as we have a large extended family).

However, there is a cost analysis involved when growing your own food – such as, the price of seeds, potting soil, care for the plants, preserving, etc. But to our family, all of those costs are minimal in knowing how the produce is grown, the types of seeds used, and the methods of growing/preserving the food.

If you have more questions about homegrown cooking for Thanksgiving, please post below or message me.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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