10 Simple Advent Traditions

10 Advent Traditions

  1. Read one chapter from the Book of St. Luke everyday beginning December 1st. There are 24 books, so you will finish it all by Christmas.
  2. Create an Advent decoration (whether the Advent wreath, daily lighting of small votive candles, or the Paradeisl) to assist in your daily observance of this beautiful season of preparation.
  3. The crib of straw – this is great for little children. For every good deed, the children put a few pieces of straw in the crib (or cotton balls if you don’t want the straw mess). Hopefully, by Christmas, the crib will be full of straw for the Infant Jesus.
  4. Set aside a special basket of Advent/Christmas books. My children are so excited when I take out these special books every year. No joke, we have several baskets of Christmas books!
  5. Light a candle everyday in your kitchen to remind everyone that the “Light of the World” will be born soon. Christian tradition also includes lit candles reflecting out the front windows for passers-by to see.
  6. Spend 15 minutes in prayer each day meditating upon the Nativity.
  7. Plan an array of handmade gifts that the children can assist in creating. This makes the gift-giving more meaningful.
  8. Visit a Christmas light show. These are quite common in Wisconsin. In fact, we have entire neighborhoods that create elaborate light shows for the season. We bring hot cocoa and pretzels to enjoy while seeing the lights.
  9. Find a local community rendition of the Christmas Pageant. It’s so good to support local groups!
  10. Spend time with the family God has given you. Instead of always focusing on elaborate plans, remember that time with family is the most important. It is through the family that we can come closer to God during the Christmas Season.

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