Easy “Crustless” Pie Recipe

This is one of my favorite “easy” dessert recipes and it can be made with any type of pie fruit – apples, peaches, berries, etc. Once you make this dessert, it will become a staple in your home – we rarely have any leftovers! Easy Crustless Pie Recipe 4 c. sliced apples (or any pie fruit) 2 T. brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 c. soft butter 3/4 c of sugar 1 c. flour 1 egg 1/2 c. chopped nuts (optional) Put fruit in greased pie plate. Sprinkle the brown sugar and cinnamon on top. In a medium bowl, mix … Continue reading Easy “Crustless” Pie Recipe

Gather Together: Recipes and Reflections

I have a soft spot for entertaining and cooking. The book Gather Together: Recipes and Reflections to Inspire Faith and Friendship Around the Table, written by Catherine Fowler Sample, brings together my two loves in one space. Each chapter focuses on a different theme, whether it be “Pioneering”, “A Time to Gather”, “A Time for All Seasons”, or “Closer to Eden”. The theme of each chapter adds personal reflections, family/friend reflections and personal narratives from the author. As a lovely bonus, Catherine Fowler Sample adds several of her favorite recipes with menu ideas, conversation starters, and gathering prayers. This book … Continue reading Gather Together: Recipes and Reflections

Make Elderberry Syrup at Home

It has been known for centuries that Elderberry Syrup is a beneficial flu and cold remedy (an immune booster), but it wasn’t until I did more research that I realized it truly is a marvelous berry! Not only does it boost your immune system with Vitamins and Minerals, it can also reduce flu or cold symptoms, including respiratory transmissions. How amazing is that! Read more about the benefits of Elderberries here. After reading these benefits, I decided to make my own syrup. The pre-made syrup is extremely expensive, but it is a rather easy process to make at home. I … Continue reading Make Elderberry Syrup at Home