As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and lover of the classics, I have attempted to find the perfect “balance” in my life, but that does not exist – at least not to the exist that many people believe. Equality in all area of our life does not exist, so we must find the proper order of importance. A content life of happiness and peace includes: God, Family, Friends, Work, and Rest. Some may believe I am a workaholic, and they may be correct. Whether that’s the truth or not, I don’t have a problem admitting that every new challenge entices me for an opportunity to learn new things. But finding the correct “balance” or “priorities” does impact our likelihood towards success.
Veritable Living and Lifestyle has been a resource “in the making” for many years through my growth as an wife, mom, entrepreneur, and fundraiser. I have started over three businesses, co-authored a non-fiction book about manners and commonsense, and undertook extensive fundraising endeavors. It is important to know that through each of my businesses, a personal lesson was learned and out of those lessons developed the premise for this site.
It is a fine balance, as an entrepreneur, to work both for oneself and for others. I have made many mistakes, but my greatest fault was believing each challenge didn’t include both of these goals. I tended to separate these two ever connecting strings. Veritable Living and Lifestyle is bringing together my love of business, writing, design, and the beauty found among all of us. Please grow with me as the website becomes my outlet to beauty, truth, and goodness through my personal loves: cooking, baking, entertaining, etiquette, books, home design, and fashion.

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