Seedlings, Spring, and Heating Pads

There’s something very uplifting about planting seeds. Even though it’s only the beginning of March, with still potentially freezing temps in Wisconsin, we have reached a new season. A season of growth and new life. It’s time to plant seeds! Onions are usually our first seeds to plant, but this year we made a big change. We purchased heat pads for our seedlings and they are a game changer! These onions, which include 4 different varieties, have sprouted in less than 7 days! (seeds were purchased from Azure Standard and Siskiyou Seeds) Onions seeds, depending on the climate, can sometimes … Continue reading Seedlings, Spring, and Heating Pads

Make Elderberry Syrup at Home

It has been known for centuries that Elderberry Syrup is a beneficial flu and cold remedy (an immune booster), but it wasn’t until I did more research that I realized it truly is a marvelous berry! Not only does it boost your immune system with Vitamins and Minerals, it can also reduce flu or cold symptoms, including respiratory transmissions. How amazing is that! Read more about the benefits of Elderberries here. After reading these benefits, I decided to make my own syrup. The pre-made syrup is extremely expensive, but it is a rather easy process to make at home. I … Continue reading Make Elderberry Syrup at Home

Living Small and Budgeting

Many of us have felt this shift, or more so a call – a voice calling us that there’s more to everyday life. No, not more material items or more “experiences” and vacations, but more to life than what our modern world provides. 2020 brought many difficult times, but the blessings are more numeral than we would’ve expected. Everything looks different in hind-sight. So, this is my year dedicated to living small. My definition of small is not getting rid of everything, but removing the things I do not need. I will also refrain from purchasing unnecessary items. What is … Continue reading Living Small and Budgeting